We exist to give freedom to antihuman trafficking organizations so that they can more completely focus on their strengths.

We understand that a survivor must take several steps along her journey. We’ve categorized each of these steps into 5 primary phases: Outreach, Short-term Care, Transitional Employment, Long-term Care, and Long-term Restorative care.


Because there is no guarantee of a sequential recovery, we feel the the survivor journey is best represented as a circular model that surrounds the survivor no matter which phase she may be in.

The mission of the Survivor Care Alliance™ is to use online media content to help coordinate the efforts of non-profit organizations who are most involved in each phase. In doing so, the SCA can function as a support system to allow nonprofits to truly do what they set out to do; help people and save lives.

Our Vision

In 2 years, the Survivor Care Alliance™ will be an online resource that unites and supports anti-human trafficking organizations by providing evidence based practices, communication facilitation, resources availability, and supportive content for organizations and volunteers alike.

Our Mission

To give freedom to anti-human trafficking organizations to focus on caring for survivors

What We Believe

We believe in giving freedom to anti-human trafficking organzations so that they can focus on their purpose in the fight so that those involved in the fight can unite and simply the response to more successfully fight human trafficking.

We can do this by connecting and equipping a wide variety of anti-human trafficking organizations across the entire Survivor Care Journey.